VirtualDub Plug-ins (Filters)



Once you have installed VirtualDub (see my Software page), there are several plug-ins that you must install to complete portions of this guide.  Plug-ins, also called filters, are extensions to VirtualDub that allow it to process video in special fashions.  We will use plug-ins to improve the image quality of the video.

All of the plug-ins are installed in the same fashion.  First, you download the .zip file containing a plug-in.  Then you extract the contains of that .zip file to the "plugins" subdirectory in the VirtualDub folder.  For example, if you extracted VirtualDub to c:\virtualdub, you will extract the plug-ins to the c:\virtualdub\plugins directory.

Here are the plug-ins you may need:







Also, although you will not need them for this guide, you can find more filters at the official VirtualDub Filters page.